One project down, many more to go

Well, the excitement of releasing my documentary The Eighth Parallel didn’t last long, as after 24 hours I’m back in the editing suite (aka my kitchen table) and onto the next project. Next on the table is a short art/travel film I shot in Bolivia with Nic Teichrob, followed by a music video I shot and directed for LA-based band RISERS, followed by a film festival friendly re-edit of Eighth Parallel. Oh, and somewhere in there I have to make a demo reel. Good thing I have a plethora of bikes in my garage to keep me distracted on my lunch breaks!

Here are a few shots from behind the scenes of the Risers music video and Bolivia shoot. Thanks to Nic for the shot of me on my bike.

In other news, my baby brother is officially a teacher!!! Congrats baby brother. It’s encouraging to know that our future generation is being moulded by extremely cool people like yourself. If you ever want me to come into your class and talk about biking or filming, normal day rates will apply 🙂

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Another Cover!

Huge thanks to Mattias Fredriksson for shooting my latest cover shot for Swedish magazine, Magasin Are. It’s my favourite cover to date!

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Are you a band? Want a free music video? I bet you do…

Celebrity photographer, video director, and all around amazing human Walid Azami and I are teaming up on a music video project…however, we thought we should shake things up a bit. Walid and I have a “special” relationship. By special, I mean that I can call him crying from the middle of nowhere when my motherboard has crashed and I haven’t had anything to eat beyond vertebrate soup for a week, and that he believes that throwing fireworks at me while I am sleeping is an acceptable thing to do.

Over the years we’ve learnt that we work well together and can make magic happen if we put our minds to it. This is where our next project comes in.

Know any bands in LA looking for a music video? Check out the contest details attached and email


Enter to win a free music video by directors Walid Azami and Darcy Turenne

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Indonesian Film Project

I can’t believe it, but the time is finally coming for me to pack up and go to Indonesia for a few months to start filming for my final master’s thesis project. I’ve kept pretty quite about my intentions in Indonesia, but I finally have a plan of action…but like all qualitative research, the project is emergent and is bound to change.

Here is the plan for now — I will be making a video that focuses on understanding what the experience of action sport means to a handful of female Indonesian athletes. The physical feelings, the emotional experience, the mental processing of what is happening while the athletes walk the line between control and chaos. I’ve chosen to focus on action-sport athletes because they are much closer to my heart than traditional sports, however, the goal of the video is to inspire all female athletes regardless of sport, ethnicity, or background.

The working title is “The Eighth Parallel” and below is the official website for the project:

Finding women to be a part of my project has been a huge challenge because action-sports are not a popular activity with women in Indonesia, however, there are a few dedicated women athletes that I have been in contact with. Thanks so much to Risa Suseanty , Gino from Oakley Indonesia, Stefy Bau, The Gibbon Climbing Club, and of course my family and friends at home for all your help on the project so far! Sometimes it has felt like I’m tracking the snow leopard with this project, but it finally seems to be coming together. Such a fun process!

If you’d like to sponsor the video, please send me an email, as I am currently looking for funding and have a nice little pdf that further explains the project 🙂

I’ll keep the film blog updated throughout this crazy 6-month journey so keep checkin’ back!

Ciao for now.


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Blog to Rally for Girls’ Sports Day!

Today, December 8th, is the official day to blog to rally for girls’ sports day and as many of you know, it’s a cause that I’m all for. If it weren’t for sports I wouldn’t have this blog, this website, this life, or this really cool scar on my leg! Ok, I’ll admit, this scar isn’t that cool…but the process of getting it was.

I was an extremely shy child. I was also a huge wimp. My mom had to come on all my class field trips until I was 10 because I was too afraid to go anywhere without her. I would cry at the fair because all the rides scared me. Then my mom enrolled me in soccer and baseball. I made friends with kids that I would be too afraid to talk to otherwise. I learned that falling and scraping my knees up wasn’t the end of the world. I quickly became outspoken and passionate about our wins and losses…maybe even a little too passionate. With each good kick or base scored I gained a mountain of confidence. With each missed goal or strike out I learned how I could improve.

Soon I was enrolled in every sport that my school offered. Volleyball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, track, skiing, and wrestling–I did them all. For the most part I could hold my own on the court and on the field, but being extremely tall and skinny ensured that I got my ass kicked every time I stepped foot on the wrestling mat. Take down after take down I was sure that next time it would be me advancing to the next round. It never happened and I learned more lessons by being bad at a sport than I did at being good. Wrestling allowed me to learn some of my limitations and learn to use defeat productively.

So how’d a failed wrestling career lead into a life of mountain biking you ask? Well, around the same time–junior high–the librarian at my school, Ms.Raymond (Ms.Raymond, if you’re reading this, thank you), started an all-girls mountain bike club. Being on my rampage to try every sport imaginable, I was the first one to sign up. I also was obsessed with skiing (things haven’t changed much) and for some reason skiing and mountain biking seemed to go hand in hand.

It took one mountain bike ride and I was hooked. Going out into the woods, alone, as a 15-year-old and facing challenges like fatigue, bike break-downs, injuries, and not getting lost was what I interpreted as being the ultimate feeling of freedom and independence. Each time I left the woods I felt confident and ready to take on any challenge life was willing to throw at me. School work? No big deal. Yesterday I rode eight hours in cougar country. University applications? Piece of cake. The day before I helped put a rider’s shoulder back into its socket and coordinated a search and rescue team to come find him…without a cell phone.

My involvement in sports, particularly mountain biking, gave me the skills to take on the challenges of daily life with great confidence. I learned about goal setting, setbacks, overcoming fears, and taking responsibility for my own actions. The lessons I learned on my bike would have taken a lifetime to learn in front of a computer.

As I write this, I feel a well of gratitude overflowing inside me. Thank you, Ms.Raymond, for starting that club. Your small action was a catalyst for huge change in my life, and the lives of all the girls I get to introduce to the sport of mountain biking.

So girls, go outside and do something that scares you. Sign up for a sports team, even if you think it’s not for you. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and walk away smiling. Even if you never win a wrestling match 😉

Click here for more information on the benefits on girls in sports:

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Incredible India

I just returned from 5 weeks in India, sans bike, and WOW! What a place.

This is what I made while I was there:

No words can really sum up my trip. I went there with school and then adventured with friends for a few weeks but nothing I have learned in a classroom or read in a book could teach me what I learned about the humility, strength, and pure humanity of the Indian people.

Thanks India for such a wonderful month.



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Friends Who Do Fabulous Things

As the title insinuates I have some friends who do some pretty amazing things. This list is by no means comprehensive, but includes the friends that have done something amazing that I’ve noticed today. Yes folks, just today.

First up, Bill Weaver. Bill is the director of  “Midway The Movie”. Anyone who is remotely concious of their environment (and especially those who aren’t) need to watch this. It’s powerful, beautiful, and relays a message of change that is tangible and relevant.

Next up, my musical buddy DJ Psychology. Not sure how DJ names vs. real names work in the land of the internet…can I say his real name? Is the alias important? I won’t just in case. DJ Psychology is based in Montreal and has opened for everyone you’ve ever heard of and probably everyone you’ve never heard of. He could make stone-cold juice monkeys with concrete shoes dance…and he has a good website:

My other talented friend is photographer Jordan Manley. Going to India myself in a few weeks, his latest video is very inspiring. Known as a still photographer, Jordan’s latest “dabble” in video is beautiful. I hope he does more. Check it here:

Last but not least, Walid Azami. One of my closest friends, yet the only friend that has thrown fire works at me while I sleep, Walid’s work can be seen on Usher’s latest album cover. He is a natural talent. You can see his website here and I suggest reading his blog. It’s hilarious and in the section where he talks about a picture that he had recently published of me with me he says, “I love this picture because she’s a good person. I’ll never admit that to her in person though.” You don’t have to Walid, you don’t have to.

Stay tuned for more talented friend reports! This will be the first of many.

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