Winter Update!

It’s December, and once again I find myself apologizing to the Internet for being so standoffish. Lots has happened in the past few months so I’m going to give the Cole’s notes version of an update. There will be pictures. And the odd video. Done.

1) I got ankle surgery. Thanks, Dr.Boyer, for the new ankle. Hopefully it feels like new soon. See attached picture.

2) I graduated! See attached picture.

3) I went to Rwanda and made THIS. And THIS too for a pretty amazing client that I’m not sure if I deserve.

4) An article about my spring trip to Bolivia was published in New Zealand’s “Spoke Magazine”. You can see some of it HERE.

5) The Eighth Parallel got it’s first magazine review in Coast Mountain Culture and played at a bunch of awesome festivals.

6) I did this edit for an amazing sports foundation called Women Win. Go sports!

7) I bought a house and spent several days orchestrating a timelapse of jello. Check it out on my homepage. See attached picture.

8) I’ve learned that riding a road bike indoors is as boring as I remembered it being.

9) I started shooting for MTV and The Buried Life. Woo!

10) I’ve become addicted to ski touring. Who knew going uphill could be so fun!?! See no attached pictures…too busy skiing.

Merry Christmas and happy trails!


About hellodarcy

I like bodies of water, piles of earth (the snowy or trail-laden type), two-wheeled human-powered machines, forests, waves and the things that ride them, powder days, Michel Gondry videos, trying to make videos like Michel Gondry videos, passing the pages of story books through my occipital lobe and into my cerebral cortex, cats (particularly mine), what's at the other end of a long plane ride, wandering, pulling paintbrushes over things, unknowns, going really fast, weightlessness, body moving, bobbing, music listening, music playing, the earth and all the people who borrow it from their grandchildren. I am a pro freeride mountain biker and I have a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies...soon to be outdone by an MA in Intercultural Communication. I also host and produce television shows. Please see my website for more details! Happy blog-reading.
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