Friends Who Do Fabulous Things

As the title insinuates I have some friends who do some pretty amazing things. This list is by no means comprehensive, but includes the friends that have done something amazing that I’ve noticed today. Yes folks, just today.

First up, Bill Weaver. Bill is the director of  “Midway The Movie”. Anyone who is remotely concious of their environment (and especially those who aren’t) need to watch this. It’s powerful, beautiful, and relays a message of change that is tangible and relevant.

Next up, my musical buddy DJ Psychology. Not sure how DJ names vs. real names work in the land of the internet…can I say his real name? Is the alias important? I won’t just in case. DJ Psychology is based in Montreal and has opened for everyone you’ve ever heard of and probably everyone you’ve never heard of. He could make stone-cold juice monkeys with concrete shoes dance…and he has a good website:

My other talented friend is photographer Jordan Manley. Going to India myself in a few weeks, his latest video is very inspiring. Known as a still photographer, Jordan’s latest “dabble” in video is beautiful. I hope he does more. Check it here:

Last but not least, Walid Azami. One of my closest friends, yet the only friend that has thrown fire works at me while I sleep, Walid’s work can be seen on Usher’s latest album cover. He is a natural talent. You can see his website here and I suggest reading his blog. It’s hilarious and in the section where he talks about a picture that he had recently published of me with me he says, “I love this picture because she’s a good person. I’ll never admit that to her in person though.” You don’t have to Walid, you don’t have to.

Stay tuned for more talented friend reports! This will be the first of many.


About hellodarcy

I like bodies of water, piles of earth (the snowy or trail-laden type), two-wheeled human-powered machines, forests, waves and the things that ride them, powder days, Michel Gondry videos, trying to make videos like Michel Gondry videos, passing the pages of story books through my occipital lobe and into my cerebral cortex, cats (particularly mine), what's at the other end of a long plane ride, wandering, pulling paintbrushes over things, unknowns, going really fast, weightlessness, body moving, bobbing, music listening, music playing, the earth and all the people who borrow it from their grandchildren. I am a pro freeride mountain biker and I have a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies...soon to be outdone by an MA in Intercultural Communication. I also host and produce television shows. Please see my website for more details! Happy blog-reading.
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