A Deep Summer win, a festival, and a timelapse walk into a bar…

Yeah, ok, I’ve been negligent with my blog. Again. Hope you were all out enjoying the sunshine as much as I was.

After coming home from Japan land things got a little crazy. My “adventurous” last supper in Osaka that included raw chicken liver(s) as an entree ensured that I smuggled and illegal alien back to Canada in my stomach. That Japanese immigrant’s name? Parasite.

Little did Parasite know that I had a lot of work to do and couldn’t be bothered to play his games the week I got back because Crankworx was calling. Crankworx, for those of you visiting from outside the bike world, is the superbowl of mountain bike events. It is the busiest week of the year for me with photoshoots, video commitments, emceeing, TV hosting, autograph signings…oh, and riding too. Parasite was not stoked.

The first few days of the festival I shot with super human photographer Jordan Manley for the Deep Summer photo challenge. The event brought out the best photographers in the business to compile a slideshow of images taken in Whistler over a 3-day period. Thomas Vanderham, Mike Hopkins, and myself were Jordan’s athletes and Derek Dix was his ever so entertaining assistant. Jordan put together a mind blowing slideshow and took first place in the competition. He was so jealous of my parasite that almost got one himself by eating a half-raw chicken burger halfway into the shoot! Thanks Longhorn.

After Crankworx I didn’t have much time to hang out with Parasite either. My biggest school proposal of the year was due and a few days later was the See Jane Jump women’s mountain bike festival that I organized up Mount Washington. 50 girls came out to play and Parasite and I send out our hugest thank yous to the amazing coachings, awesome participants, yoga guru Toni, and all the sponsors for making the event such a huge success. You all rock! A very special thank you goes out to Oakley for hooking the girls up with 2 sets of goggles and free accommodation (really, they did that!), Norco for providing on-site tech support and for donating a Vixa frame, and Dr.Lindsay McKeeman for offering free chiropractic and massage services to all participants. Of course, I can’t thank Mount Washington enough for hosting the event and even building me a slopestyle course specifically for See Jane Jump fest. You guys rock and the jumps were some of the most fun I’ve hit all year. So good! Here’s the video: http://vimeo.com/14553635

After See Jane Jump fest Parasite and I finally got to go back home and chill out for a few days. Thanks to the lovely people at the health food shop down the street from my house and the foul tasting herbs they prescribed, Parasite hasn’t been around for a while now. Life has started to slow down a bit and I have a full two weeks at home before I go to Vegas, Switzerland, and India. Much needed.

To celebrate home life I made a tilt-shift timelapse of Victoria’s beautiful inner harbour. Check it HERE.

Well friends, time to hit the books. I have 8 books to read before I leave for India on October 6th. Can I do it? What do you think? The closest I’ve come lately is drawing in my sketchbook and reading the cover of a gossip magazine at the grocery store.

Happy trails!

-Darcy (and missing Parasite)


About hellodarcy

I like bodies of water, piles of earth (the snowy or trail-laden type), two-wheeled human-powered machines, forests, waves and the things that ride them, powder days, Michel Gondry videos, trying to make videos like Michel Gondry videos, passing the pages of story books through my occipital lobe and into my cerebral cortex, cats (particularly mine), what's at the other end of a long plane ride, wandering, pulling paintbrushes over things, unknowns, going really fast, weightlessness, body moving, bobbing, music listening, music playing, the earth and all the people who borrow it from their grandchildren. I am a pro freeride mountain biker and I have a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies...soon to be outdone by an MA in Intercultural Communication. I also host and produce television shows. Please see my website www.hellodarcy.com for more details! Happy blog-reading.
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1 Response to A Deep Summer win, a festival, and a timelapse walk into a bar…

  1. Lucka Mantra says:

    You must really not have time to be bored! Well good luck with all those books and enjoy being home while it lasts!

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