From Pasture to Plate

Time for a little green propaganda! Are you ready? Put on your old shirt with the rainbow ohm symbol embroidered on the front (you know you have one) and take a bath in pachouli oil because it’s time for some hippy reminiscing.

First off, I’d suggest you watch this awesome video:

Funny huh? I thought so.

When I did my degree in environmental studies I had a wonderful professor named Nancy Turner. Anybody who has gone through the UVic environmental studies program has the utmost respect for Nancy because, well, she’s like the Oprah of all things eco. She draws you in. Her waves of compassion hit you when you walk into the classroom and you can’t help but love the woman. Her infamous nature walks will have you eating weeds from the sidewalk and her use of the phrase “pasture to plate” immediately makes you want to run to your nearest farm or beach, dig a hole in the ground, and have a pit cook (complete with cedar boughs).

I took away a lot from Nancy’s ethnoecology classes and her detailed accounts of the slow food capital of the world – Cinque Terre – has had me dreaming of the five tiny villages along the west coast of Italy for several years now. Well, guess where I’m going on Tuesday. Yep. This is happening.

Several backstories of my life suddenly merged a few months back. I was accepted to present one of my short films at the International Symposium of Symbolic Interactionism (a communications theory…don’t worry, I didn’t know what it meant at first either) in Pisa, Italy this June and guess where Pisa is close to? Yep. This IS happening.

My mom is turning 50 this summer and I thought going to Italy would be the perfect way to celebrate together and I asked her to come along. Next time you see mom tell her that you heard she is turning 50. She’ll love that.

Us Turenne ladies like to eat. It’s a good thing that we are tall or else we’d probably be a bit rotund given our favourite past time is food consumption. I can’t think of a better person to bring to Cinque Terre than the woman who has cooked for me my entire life and taught me to appreciate food and the process of growing it. So for these next two weeks, my environmental studies degree will be, in a very roundabout way, working together with my communications degree. I will consummate their union by eating copious amounts of gelato, pasta, freshly caught fish, pesto, and olive oil.

This is also the first trip I’ve been on for, ummm, ever(?) without my bike. Things might get weird. I plan on swimming 1km a day to make up for it. We’ll see how that goes. I have a feeling I might be knocking some Italian dude in white lycra off of his road bike at some point just to get the feeling of two wheels beneath me for a few hours. I’m sure he won’t mind.

Ciao for now!

P.S. In the spirit of “pasture to plate”, Taylor and I decided to put on our wetsuits and go diving for crab off of the island yesterday. This was our only catch. His name was “Beasty the Feasty”…although he wasn’t much of a feast. Taylor said he had a crab so big that it didn’t fit in his net so he lost it. Uh huh. Yeah, so did I. 10 of them.


About hellodarcy

I like bodies of water, piles of earth (the snowy or trail-laden type), two-wheeled human-powered machines, forests, waves and the things that ride them, powder days, Michel Gondry videos, trying to make videos like Michel Gondry videos, passing the pages of story books through my occipital lobe and into my cerebral cortex, cats (particularly mine), what's at the other end of a long plane ride, wandering, pulling paintbrushes over things, unknowns, going really fast, weightlessness, body moving, bobbing, music listening, music playing, the earth and all the people who borrow it from their grandchildren. I am a pro freeride mountain biker and I have a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies...soon to be outdone by an MA in Intercultural Communication. I also host and produce television shows. Please see my website for more details! Happy blog-reading.
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3 Responses to From Pasture to Plate

  1. the bod says:

    I DID! …and he “WAS” too big for the net!

    …Poor beasty, you tasted SO GOOD!

  2. nina says:

    Hey Darcy, I check out your site occasionally to see what’s happening in the womens freeride side of mountain biking, and I do enjoy your blogs. This one especially stood out to me. ‘pasture to plate’ Hey that’s the company i work for. haha. No seriously it is. You should check out their web site It’s always great to hear people, especially young people, talking about eating well, which means eating fresh, local, and organically grown foods. And equals high octane fuel for riding our bikes!!!! Just wanted to say that I’m glad mountain biking has such a positive spokesperson.


  3. Thanks for helping with the Vixa, I never knew trails could feel just like butter;)

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